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Please note this is an archived page and will no longer be updated. All Antiquity's papers are now available in our Online Archive, and can be searched online.

Welcome to the past issues section of the Antiquity Website. To celebrate 75 years of Antiquity, several landmark articles from Antiquity's past have been presented here in digital form, including first editorials from O.G.S. Crawford, Glyn Daniel, Christopher Chippendale and the current Editor, Martin Carver. Articles from scholars such as Jacquetta Hawkes and David Clarke are also present, but see below for a full list. Please choose from the list below.

Past Antiquity Papers

Editorials and comment

Special Section celebrating the publications of the year 1848 - (December 1998)

Papers linked to David Clarke's 'Archaeology: the loss of innocence' (1973) 25 years after - (September 1998)

Special Review Section on Electronic Archaeology - (December 1997)

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