Antiquity Prize Winners

Antiquity Prize 2013
D.J. Mattingly & M. Sterry
Ben Cullen Prize 2013
Jean-Jacques Delannoy et al.
Photographic Prize 2013
"Recording graffiti at the monastic site of Ganub Qasr al-'Aguz, Egypt"
by Yann Béliez
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Previous prize winners

YearAntiquity PrizeBen Cullen Prize
2012The role of cult and feasting in the emergence of Neolithic communities. New evidence from Göbekli Tepe, south-eastern Turkey
Oliver Dietrich et al.
Stonehenge remodelled
Timothy Darvill et al.
2011An 11 600 year-old communal structure from the Neolithic of southern Jordan
Steven Mithen et al.
Across the Indian Ocean: the prehistoric movement of plants and animals
Dorian Fuller et al.
2010New light on Neolithic revolution in south-west Asia
Trevor Watkins
Administrators' bread: an experiment-based re-assessment of the functional and cultural role of the Uruk bevel-rim bowl
Jill Goulder
2009'The Farm Beneath the Sand' – an archaeological case study on ancient 'dirt' DNA
Martin B. Hebsgaard et al.
A new chronological framework for prehistoric Southeast Asia, based on a Bayesian model from Ban Non Wat
Charles Higham & Thomas Higham
2008Inside and outside the dry stone walls: revisiting the material culture of Great Zimbabwe
Shadreck Chirikure & Innocent Pikirayi
Archaeological resource modelling in temperate river valleys: a case study from the Trent Valley, UK
A.J. Howard et al.
2007Rome and Mesopotamia – importers into India in the first millennium AD
Roberta Tomber
Networks and nodal points: the emergence of towns in early Viking Age Scandinavia
Søren M. Sindbæk
2006Tectonics and human evolution
Geoffrey King & Geoffrey Bailey
King's monuments: identifying 'formlings' in southern African San rock paintings
Siyakha Mguni
2005The politics of supply: the Neolithic axe industry in Alpine Europe
Eric Thirault
Core–periphery relations in the Recuay hinterlands: economic interaction at Chinchawas, Peru
George Lau
2004The early development of music. Analysis of the Jiahu bone flutes
Juzhong Zhang, Xinghua Xiao & Yun Kuen Lee
Rock art and rock music: petroglyphs of the south Indian Neolithic
Nicole Boivin
2003Dance of the Cranes: Crane symbolism at Çatalhöyük and beyond
Nerissa Russell & Kevin McGowan
CORONA Satellite Photography and Ancient Road Networks: A Northern Mesopotamian Case Study
Jason Ur
2002Too many ancestors
James Whitley
The innocents and the sceptics: ANTIQUITY and Classical archaeology
Nicola Terranato
2001Orientations and origins: a symbolic dimension to the long house in Neolithic Europe
Richard Bradley
The South Scandinavian barrows with well-preserved oak-log coffins
Mads Kähler-Holst, Henrik Breuning-Madsen & Marianne Rasmussen
2000Cosmology, calendars and society in Neolithic Orkney: a rejoinder to Euan MacKie
Clive Ruggles & Gordon Barclay
Resource depression on the Northwest Coast of North America
Virginia L. Butler
1999V. Gordon Childe and the vocabulary of revolutionary change
Kevin Greene
Architecture and sound: an acoustic analysis of megalithic monuments in prehistoric Britain
Aaron Watson and David Keating
1998Genetics, linguistics, and prehistory: thinking big and thinking straight
Patrick Sims-Williams
'The changing face of clay': continuity and change in the transition from village to urban life in the Near East
David Wengrow
1997Lapita and the temporal geography of prehistory
John E. Terrell & Robert L. Welsch
The population of ancient Rome
Glenn R. Storey
1996Sea-level change and shore-line evolution in Aegean Greece since Upper Palaeolithic time
Kurt Lambeck
Ploughzone sampling in Denmark: isolating and interpreting site signatures from disturbed contexts
John M. Steinberg
1995The evidence for early writing: utilitarian or ceremonial?
Nicholas Postgate, Tao Wang & Toby Wilkinson
1994Of Lightning Brothers and White Cockatoos: dating the antiquity of signifying systems in the Northern Territory, Australia
Bruno David et al.