Contribute: Manuscript preparation - project gallery

Manuscript preparation: Project Gallery

Project Gallery articles are online only and are not usually peer-reviewed. Please note that the Editor will not accept reports primarily about local or regional surveys, sites or artefacts; which should be properly directed to the national records and journals of the country concerned. Responses to published articles will be sent to the original author for comment.

Please follow the guidelines below when creating a manuscript for the Project Gallery.


Manuscripts should be structured as follows:

  • Article title
  • Author's names and contact details for publication
  • Text (DO NOT include an abstract)
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Figure captions
  • Tables
  • Supplementary material

DO NOT include the cover letter in the body of the manuscript.

Line spacing

Text should be prepared in 1.5-line-spacing.


The use of footnotes is prohibited in all manuscripts.

Word limits

The word limit for Project Gallery articles is 1000 words.

The word limit MUST include all text. This includes acknowledgements, references, tables and all figure and table captions. Any submission which substantially exceeds the published word limit may be returned to the author(s).

Do not include an abstract.

Manuscript file formats

Please submit the manuscript and all tables as a single text file. Our preferred text format is Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx). If you are unable to provide this format please contact the Editorial Office (assistant [at] for advice.

Figures should be submitted as separate high-quality .jpg/.jpeg or .tif/.tiff files (see below). DO NOT embed figures in the text of your manuscript.

Image formats and specifications

Figures for the Project Gallery should be submitted separately from the text as high-quality .jpg/.jpeg or .tif/.tiff files. Resolutions must be 72dpi or higher and image dimensions should be 900 x 700 pixels or higher. Images should NOT include borders — these will be added when published.

Use uniform lettering on figures and ensure that the text on all figures accords with Antiquity's text preparation guidelines below. Maps and plans must include an accurate scale and north point.