Did Neolithic farming fail? The case for a Bronze Age agricultural revolution in the British Isles

Chris J. Stevens & Dorian Q Fuller

This paper is published in full in Antiquity 86 no. 333 September 2012. Here we publish supplementary material..

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Radiocarbon dates for the British and Irish sites sorted by region and listed alphabetically and followed by a list of references. Material refers to broad categories used in Table 1. Identifications are by species where possible. All dates were recalibrated in OxCal (Version 3.10: Bronk Ramsey 2005) using the updated IntCal09 calibration curve (Reimer et al. 2009).

Period codes are as follows; Meso=Mesolithic; Neo=Neolithic; BA=Bronze Age; IA=Iron Age; RB=Romano-British; Sax=Anglo-Saxon; med=medieval; mod=modern.

Prefixes are E=Early; M=Middle; L=Late; P=Post; conv. refers to dates obtained using the standard conventional radiometric method, AMS to dates obtained using the accelerator mass spectrometry method.

References are given both for the date and the site. The table also includes some dates that are significant in their association with potential Neolithic agriculture, but were not direct dates on food plants; such dates were not used in the analyses illustrated in the paper.


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  • Chris J. Stevens
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  • Dorian Q Fuller
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