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Peter Garlake

1934 – 2 December 2011

Appreciation by
Akin Ogundiran

Peter Garlake was indeed a thorough archaeologist with a very strong attention to details. During his brief stint in Nigeria, he lived and worked in the ancient city of Ile-Ife where he carried out two major excavations at Woye Asiri and Obalara sites. Not only did he promptly publish his findings in the West African Journal of Archaeology, WAJA (1974, 1977) but he also provided the most elaborate descriptive analysis of the Classical Ife ceramics. He even gallantly attempted to develop a typological-chronological sequencing of the Ife ceramic decorative motifs. His two papers in WAJA are important reference works for anyone seeking to understand the material life of Classical Ife and Central Yoruba region in general. My own ceramic study and archaeological history of Central Yorubaland has benefitted tremendously from the analytical framework that he developed. May his soul rest in peace.