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The World Archaeological Congress was held between 21 and 26 June 2003 at the Catholic University in Washington, DC, USA.

In spite of some tension in the international situation, this was a festive and productive occasion, particularly in the fields of indigenous archaeology and cultural resource management. Tapping in to the general euphoria and student energy we offered delegates the chance to express their feelings about the congress on our website. Some clearly found it a life-changing experience, while others had a critical comment or two. The President of the World Archaeological Congress, Claire Smith, has also written about her vision for the future of WAC. Please click the links on the right to find out more.

We hope that our readers will use Antiquity and the Project Gallery in particular to discuss hot issues and keep them hot from one meeting of WAC to the next.

Martin Carver


Delegates at WAC-5
Delegates doing the conga

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