Issue 355 - February 2017

List of Contents

Chris Scarre
Editorial...... 1


Heiko Riemer, Stefan Kröpelin & Andras Zborayt
Climate, styles and archaeology: an integral approach towards an absolute chronology of the rock art in the Libyan Desert (Eastern Sahara)...... 7
Giulia D'Ercole, Julia Budka, Johannes H. Sterba, Elena A.A. Garcea & Dieter Mader
The successful 'recipe' for a long-lasting tradition: Nubian ceramic assemblages from Sai Island (northern Sudan) from prehistory to the New Kingdom...... 24
Robert D. Drennan, Xueming Lu & Christian E. Peterson
A place of pilgrimage? Niuheliang and its role in Hongshan society...... 43
Laure Salanova, Philippe Chambon, Jean-Gabriel Pariat, Anne-Sophie Marçais & Frédérique Valentin
From one ritual to another: the long-term sequence of the Bury gallery grave (northern France, fourth–second millennia BC)...... 57
Rupert Till
An archaeoacoustic study of the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum on Malta...... 74
James F. Osborne
Exploring the lower settlements of Iron Age capitals in Anatolia and Syria...... 90
Dirk Krausse, Nicole Ebinger-Rist, Sebastian Million, André Billamboz, Joachim Wahl & Elisabeth Stephan
The 'Keltenblock' project: discovery and excavation of a rich Hallstatt grave at the Heuneburg, Germany...... 108
Ester Oras, Thomas F.G. Higham, Lucy J.E. Cramp & Ian D. Bull
Archaeological science and object biography: a Roman bronze lamp from Kavastu bog (Estonia)...... 124
Noémie Kopczynski, Laurence de Viguerie, Elisabetta Neri, Nesrine Nasr, Philippe Walter, Fathi Bejaoui & François Baratte
Polychromy in Africa Proconsularis: investigating Roman statues using X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy...... 139
Inés Gordillo & Bruno Vindrola-Padrós
Destruction and abandonment practices in La Rinconada, Ambato Valley (Catamarca, Argentina)...... 155
Jane Kershaw
An early medieval dual-currency economy: bullion and coin in the Danelaw...... 173
Oliver J.T. Harris, Hannah Cobb, Colleen E. Batey, Janet Montgomery, Julia Beaumont, Héléna Gray, Paul Murtagh & Phil Richardson
Assembling places and persons: a tenth-century Viking boat burial from Swordle Bay on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, western Scotland...... 191
Timothy R. Pauketat, Susan M. Alt & Jeffery D. Kruchten
The Emerald Acropolis: elevating the moon and water in the rise of Cahokia...... 207
Nicholas Thomas, Trisha Biers, Lauren Cadwallader, Maia Nuku & Amiria Salmond
The provenance, date and significance of a Cook-voyage Polynesian sculpture...... 223
Birger Stichelbaut, Wouter Gheyle, Veerle Van Eetvelde, Marc Van Meirvenne, Timothy Saey, Nicolas Note, Hanne Van den Berghe & Jean Bourgeois
The Ypres Salient 1914–1918: historical aerial photography and the landscape of war...... 235

Review articles

Anthony Harding
Interactions and -isations in the Aegean and beyond...... 250
Antonio Blanco-González
Revolutionary discoveries from Bronze Age Iberia: recent work on the Argaric world...... 254

Book reviews

Yaroslav V. Kuzmin
Vladimir V. Pitul'ko & Elena Yu. Pavlova (trans. Richard E. Bland) Geoarchaeology and radiocarbon chronology of Stone Age Northeast Asia...... 257
Colin Haselgrove
Marie-Pierre Koenig (ed.) Le gisement de Crévéchamps (Lorraine). Du néolithique à l'époque romaine dans la vallée de la Moselle...... 258
Evangelos Kyriakidis
Colin Renfrew, Olga Philaniotou, Neil Brodie, Giorgos Gavalas & Michael Boyd (ed.) Kavos and the special deposits: the sanctuary on Keros and the origins of Aegean ritual...... 260
Jennifer Gates-Foster
James C.R. Gill Dakhleh Oasis and the Western Desert of Egypt under the Ptolemies...... 261
Elizabeth Fentress
Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya Le qṣar, type d'implantation humaine au Sahara: architecture du Sud Algérien...... 263
Henry Chapman
Gavin Glover, Paul Flintoft & Richard Moore (ed.) 'A mersshy contree called Holdernesse': excavations on the route of a national grid pipeline in Holderness, East Yorkshire...... 264
Chris Gosden
Christopher Evans, Grahame Appleby & Sam Lucy Lives in land—Mucking excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones 1965–78. Prehistory context and summary...... 265
Paolo Squatriti
Keith Ray & Ian Bapty Offa's Dyke: landscape & hegemony in eighth-century Britain...... 268
Andrew Petersen
Stephen McPhillips & Paul D. Wordsworth (ed.) Landscapes of the Islamic world: archaeology, history, and ethnography...... 269
E.B. Banning
Marjorie H. Akin, James C. Bard & Kevin Akin Numismatic archaeology of North America: a field guide...... 271

New Book Chronicle

Robert Witcher
New Book Chronicle...... 273