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Review by Lisa M. Bitel
Female Monasticism in Medieval Ireland: An Archaeology
Tracy Collins
Review by Stanley J. Onyemechalu
Cultural Heritage and the Future
Cornelius Holtorf and Anders Högberg (Ed.)

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Received: 09-01-2023
Damien Stone
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Received: 09-01-2023
Wesley Bernardini, Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa, Gregson Schachner, and Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma (Ed.)
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Received: 07-12-2022
Ivana Popović , Miloje Vasić , Jean Guyon , Dominic Moreau (eds)
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Received: 16-11-2022
Nan A. Rothschild, Amanda Sutphin, H. Arthur Bankoff, and Jessica Striebel MacLean
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