About the TAG archive

The archive contains a complete set of programmes and abstract books for all but five years. The missing abstracts may never have existed as the documentation given to delegates attending the early meetings was often rather light. If you happen to have a copy of a missing document then please do scan it as a pdf and send a copy to tdarvill [at] bournemouth.ac.uk so that it can be added to the archive. We would also welcome scanned copies of posters or other TAG-related material.

Between 1977 and 1991 the conference documents were produced using a variety of manual and electric typewriters, the master copies being variously cyclostyled or photocopied. From 1992 through to c.2004 conference packs were produced by Oxbow Books who sponsored the meetings. The packs typically featured a card folder in which was a programme, a volume of printed abstracts (by this time running to more than a 100 pages), and a range of participant information. Other advertising material and ‘freebies’ were usually added to the material delegates received, very often presented in a bag of some kind. Since 2005 most of the conference materials have been made available on-line, with declining amounts of printed material.

The TAG logos developed over the years are a testament to the ingenuity of staff and students at host institutions, and can be seen here on documentation in the archive. It is also notable that following EuroTAG at Southampton in 1992 it became fairly common to name TAG meetings, for example: TAG in Ireland (Dublin 2001); Tartan TAG (Glasgow 2004); X-TAG (Exeter 2006); CentralTAG (Birmingham 2011); and TAG-on-Sea (Bournemouth 2013). Not included in the archive here are the many and varied bags handed out with the conference packs, and the colourful T-Shirts that have since become collector’s items.