Issue 350, April 2016

Neanderthals, trees and dental calculus: new evidence from El Sidrón

Analysis of dental calculus is increasingly important in archaeology, highlighting its importance as a source of wider biographical information.

The dead of Stonehenge

New research indicates that cremated remains were deposited at Stonehenge over a period of around five centuries from c. 3000–2500 BC.

Year 5 at Fukushima: a ‘disaster-led’ archaeology of the contemporary future

Examining archaeology's critical role in envisaging the ‘contemporary future’ at Fukushima, a defining landmark of the feats and failures of late modernity.

Neanderthals, trees and dental calculus
Anita Radini et al
The dead of Stonehenge
Christie Willis et al
Year 5 at Fukushima
Nathan Schlanger, Laurent Nespoulous and Jean-Paul Demoule

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