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Review by Rachael Kiddey
The dawn of everything: a new history of humanity
David Graeber & David Wengrow
Review by Stephanie Koerner
Archaeology and its discontents: why archaeology matters
John C. Barrett
Review by Colin Haselgrove
Une résidence de la noblesse gauloise n° 112 Le camp de Saint-Symphorien à Paule (Côtes-d'Armor)
Barbara Ambruster, Gérard Aubin, Clémentine Barbau, Anna Baudry, Marion Berranger, Paul-André Besombes, Maryse Blet-Lemarquand, Karine Chanson, Sophie Coadic, Émilie Dierstein, Anne Dietrich, Vincent Drost, Bernard Gratuze, Caroline Hamon et al


Prize Winners

Antiquity prize 2021

New Neanderthal remains associated with the ‘flower burial’ at Shanidar Cave
Emma Pomeroy, Paul Bennett, Chris O. Hunt, Tim Reynolds, Lucy Farr, Marine Frouin, James Holman, Ross Lane, Charles French and Graeme Barker et al

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