Prize Winners

Antiquity awards two prizes annually for outstanding work in the field of archaeology.

The Antiquity Prize was created in 1994 by Editor Christopher Chippindale and the Antiquity Editorial Board in recognition of the fact that research funding was becoming increasingly competitive, the time to write difficult to find, and really good writing is ‘as rare and precious as ever’. They created the prize to honour and support the author(s) of the best contribution to each volume of Antiquity.

Ben Cullen (1964 – 1995) was a promising young archaeologist when he died unexpectedly, and the Ben Cullen Antiquity prize was founded by Ian Gollop in his honour in 1996. His work was published posthumously by Steele et al. (2000) Contagious Ideas: on Evolution, Culture, Archaeology and the Cultural Virus Theory. Selected Writings of Ben Cullen.

These articles are available to read for free.

Year Antiquity Prize Ben Cullen Prize
The original Stonehenge? A dismantled stone circle in the Preseli Hills of west Wales
Mike Parker Pearson, Josh Pollard, Colin Richards, Kate Welham, Timothy Kinnaird, Dave Shaw, Ellen Simmons, Adam Stanford, Richard Bevins, Rob Ixer, Clive Ruggles, Jim Rylatt and Kevan Edinborough
New Neanderthal remains associated with the ‘flower burial’ at Shanidar Cave
Emma Pomeroy, Paul Bennett, Chris O. Hunt, Tim Reynolds, Lucy Farr, Marine Frouin, James Holman, Ross Lane, Charles French and Graeme Barker
The Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement
Mark Knight, Rachel Ballantyne, Iona Robinson Zeki and David Gibson
Elites and commoners at Great Zimbabwe: archaeological and ethnographic insights on social power
Shadreck Chirikure, Robert Nyamushosho, Foreman Bandama and Collet Dandara
A moment frozen in time: evidence of a late fifth-century massacre at Sandby borg
Clara Alfsdotter, Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay and Helena Victor
Social responses to climate change in Iron Age north-east Thailand: new archaeobotanical evidence
Cristina C. Castillo, Charles F.W. Higham, Katie Miller, Nigel Chang, Katerina Douka, Thomas F.G. Higham and Dorian Q Fuller
Identifying ‘plantscapes’ at the Classic Maya village of Joya de Cerén, El Salvador
Alan Farahani, Katherine L. Chiou, Anna Harkey, Christine A. Hastorf, David L. Lentz and Payson Sheets
The Ypres Salient 1914–1918: historical aerial photography and the landscape of war
Birger Stichelbaut, Wouter Gheyle, Veerle Van Eetvelde, Marc Van Meirvenne, Timothy Saey, Nicolas Note, Hanne Van den Berghe and Jean Bourgeois
Satellite evidence of archaeological site looting in Egypt: 2002–2013
Sarah Parcak, David Gathings, Chase Childs, Greg Mumford and Eric Cline
Beaker people in Britain: migration, mobility and diet
M. Parker Pearson, Andrew Chamberlain, Mandy Jay, Mike Richards, Alison Sheridan, Neil Curtis, Jane Evans, Alex Gibson, Margaret Hutchison, Patrick Mahoney, Peter Marshall, Janet Montgomery, Stuart Needham, Sandra O'Mahoney, Maura Pellegrini & Neil Wilkin
The landscape of Angkor Wat redefined
Damian Evans & Roland Fletcher
Cultural convergence in the Neolithic of the Nile Valley: a prehistoric perspective on Egypt’s place in Africa
David Wengrow, Michael Dee, Sarah Foster, Alice Stevenson & Christopher Bronk Ramsey
The first towns in the central Sahara
D.J. Mattingly & M. Sterry
The social construction of caves and rockshelters: Chauvet Cave (France) and Nawarla Gabarnmang (Australia)
Jean-Jacques Delannoy, Bruno David, Jean-Michel Geneste, Margaret Katherine, Bryce Barker, Ray L. Whear and Robert G. Gunn
Stonehenge remodelled
Timothy Darvill, Peter Marshall, Mike Parker Pearson and Geoff Wainwright
An 11 600 year-old communal structure from the Neolithic of southern Jordan
Steven Mithen, Bill Finlayson, Sam Smith, Emma Jenkins, Mohammed Najjar and Darko Maričević
Across the Indian Ocean: the prehistoric movement of plants and animals
Dorian Fuller, Nicole Boivin, Tom Hoogervorst and Robin Allaby
'The Farm Beneath the Sand' – an archaeological case study on ancient 'dirt' DNA
Martin B. Hebsgaard, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Jette Arneborg, Patricia Heyn, Morten E. Allentoft, Michael Bunce, Kasper Munch, Charles Schweger and Eske Willerslev
Archaeological resource modelling in temperate river valleys: a case study from the Trent Valley, UK
A.J. Howard, A.G. Brown, C.J. Carey, K. Challis, L.P. Cooper, M. Kincey and P. Toms
Tectonics and human evolution
Geoffrey King & Geoffrey Bailey
Too many ancestors
James Whitley
The South Scandinavian barrows with well-preserved oak-log coffins
Mads Kähler-Holst, Henrik Breuning-Madsen & Marianne Rasmussen
Lapita and the temporal geography of prehistory
John E. Terrell & Robert L. Welsch
The evidence for early writing: utilitarian or ceremonial?
Nicholas Postgate, Tao Wang & Toby Wilkinson

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