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Review by Rachael Kiddey
The dawn of everything: a new history of humanity
David Graeber & David Wengrow
Review by Stephanie Koerner
Archaeology and its discontents: why archaeology matters
John C. Barrett
Review by Colin Haselgrove
Une résidence de la noblesse gauloise n° 112 Le camp de Saint-Symphorien à Paule (Côtes-d'Armor)
Barbara Ambruster, Gérard Aubin, Clémentine Barbau, Anna Baudry, Marion Berranger, Paul-André Besombes, Maryse Blet-Lemarquand, Karine Chanson, Sophie Coadic, Émilie Dierstein, Anne Dietrich, Vincent Drost, Bernard Gratuze, Caroline Hamon et al

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Received: 14-11-2014
Ian Russell & Maurice F. Hurley (ed.)
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Received: 14-11-2014
Louise Grove & Suzie Thomas (ed.)
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